Vipassana Retreat: Walking in the Buddha’s Footsteps

A 10-Day Silent Retreat, guided by the teachings of Bhante Vimalaramsi: ‘Walking in the Buddha’s Footsteps’

The Buddha has taught an ‘easy to understand’ practice that is comfortable, light and fun to learn. It leads you down the Noble Path to understand the true teaching. This teaching has both, “Samatha” (Tranquil Wisdom) and “Vipassana” (Insight) woven into the practice. Lay people can practice his antidote for suffering to manage the challenges they face in today’s world. By changing our minds, we change our lives.

TWIM – Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation takes you on a journey to experience a way out of much of the suffering you face today. Come and hear the Buddha’s own words as preserved in the Suttas. Begin to see what Buddha Gotama experienced in his own meditation and why he said, “We are the happy ones!” Reclaim your own internal peace and smile.

Founder Teacher of TWIM, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the co-founder of Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center in Missouri, USA. We recognize Bhante Vimalaramsi for reviving the most direct path to wisdom and awakening as taught by the Buddha. He teaches a very simple but highly comprehensive and effective practice.

About the Retreat Guide, Bhante Dhammagavesi–

Bhante started his spiritual journey at Wat Pah Nana Chat in Thailand in 2013. He later found that Bhante Vimalaramsi has a method which is easy to understand and immediately effective. He took higher ordination with Bhante Vimalaramsi as his preceptor. He has studied under the guidance of his teacher. He has learned from personally observing the Venerable Teacher during his retreats. Bhante Dhammagavesi is helping out with the Dhamma activities for Samatha-Vipassana Trust in India and Asia region. He has helped organize retreats in Malaysia and India for Bhante Vimalaramsi and Sister Khema. He stays in Sri Lanka and continues his Dhamma practice. He teaches retreats when possible.

The retreat will start on 19th evening with a discourse and end on 29th morning after breakfast.

Schedule for May 20 – 28:-

05.00 am: Wake up
05.30 am:  Triple Gem Refuge, Precepts, Dhammapada Verses and Meditation.
07.00 am: Breakfast
08.30 am: Meditation and individual interviews
11.00 am:  Lunch
01.00 pm: Meditation and interviews
05.00 pm Tea
6.30 pm: Discourse
8.30 pm: Meditation
10.00 pm: Lights off

Students are not to take dinner unless there is a medical requirement.

By Donation. accomodation and meals at actuals.


May 19 - 29 2022


All Day