The Winter Retreat: Michelle Faye Pereira

Meditation & Self Care through Inner Listening
Winter is the perfect time to pause, reflect and reset. Winter is an invitation to spiritual hibernation.

If you looking to take a short break from everyday life; or, in need of a space of deep silence, healing and reflection; if you are missing a sense of community – this immersive retreat offers support and space to practice meditation, learn psychological methods to uncover wisdom from the churns and enjoy the love of sangha.

This is a partially silent program, with some periods allocated to meditation, silent mindful meals and quiet time in the lap of nature. We will reap the maximum benefit of practising and living with a community, there are time periods for joyful interaction, outings and deep sharing circles too. During the week we will constantly tune into our sense of deeper knowing, that guides us to the truest healing, transformation and awakening. The intention is for deep care for mind, body and spirit so that you may return to your life feeling more connected and fiercely open-hearted.

Emerge from the winter into a spring of your life where you feel free to be your truest self in this world.

* Meditation.
* Medicine for the stressed body.
* Mindfulness of thought, emotions, energy and body.
* Gateways to the deeper knowing.
* Ways to manage the pain body and repetitive emotional patterns.
* How to tend to the broken heart and unleash its capacity for fierce love.

* Sitting, Movement and Tea Meditation.
* Stream of Consciousness Journalling.
* Breathwork and Somatic Movement.
* Deep listening circles.
* Free time to chill in the library, write, draw, relax in nature, or just sleep.
* A break from the phone, emails and social media.

About the Facilitator—
Michelle Faye Pereira is a Holistic Counselling Psychologist and a Meditation Guide. She nurtures two spaces, ‘The Little Sanctuary’ which is her private practice that offers individual and couples counselling /  psychotherapy, courses as well as nature and meditation retreats. ‘Simply Breathe’ organizes holidays with the theme of compassionate living, meditation and scuba diving. She loves exploring, both the outer and inner. Sees herself as some kind of a sherpa on the beautiful outer journeys of life as well as the deep rich inner adventures.

Michelle has a vast experience in mindfulness, training and counselling from teaching budding Psychologists at Sampurna Montfort College to conducting workshops and training in the corporate segment, working in family/marriage counseling centres, coaching corporate clients and training religious clergy in Counselling.
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Feb 18 - 22 2023


All Day