Anubhuti: Kathak Workshop for Youth

Anubhuti: Learning Essential Life Skills through Kathak Dance By Donation. Registration Compulsory.


Kathak Dance is one of the most ancient form of Indian Classical Performing Art. It is said to have originated in the temples of North India before finding its way into the royal courts of Awadh and Jaipur. Known as the dance of storytellers, Kathak comes from the word ‘Kathakaar’-the village minstrel who used subtle gestures and movements to enhance the dramatic element of the narrative. This dance as it exists today is characterised by its intricate rhythm patterns, beautiful expressional songs and rounds coupled with fast and varied footwork. 



‘Anubhuti’ ..which means an intense experience, is an initiative that aims to inculcate Essential Life Skills such as Confidence, Leadership, Team Work and Creativity among kids from urban slums or remote rural/tribal communities of the country using Kathak Dance (An Indian Classical Dance Form) as a medium. ‘Anubhuti’, a combination of Meditation, Yoga and Kathak Dance gives kids an exposure to learn and explore ‘Kathak’ in its pure form. 


To build self-confidence 

To encourage creativity and imagination 

To build self-expression 

To build leadership skills and team work 

To encourage self-discipline 

To build awareness towards body and mind 

To provide knowledge of Indian Classical Dance Forms 

To inculcate kindness and love



Meditation Sessions 

Yoga Sessions 

Kathak Practical and Theoretical Sessions 

Project work in a team 

Watching Movies/Videos based on Classical Dances 

Group Discussions 

Practicing Mindfulness and Creativity 

Stage Performance 



All the participants are suggested to follow an appropriate dress code i.e. 

For Girls: Kurta / Frock / Anarkali with leggings 

For Boys: Kurta Pajama / Long t-shirt – Trouser 

All the sessions are mandatory to attend as every next session will be connected to the previous one. LOGISTICS 

Dates : Oct 11 – 31, 2021 | Batch Size : 20-25 participants |  

Duration : 1.5hr each day (weekends off) | Age Group : 10 – 17yrs 

(NOTE : On the concluding day of the workshop, there will be a Kathak Recital by all the participants.) 



Annu Gupta is a Kathak performer and teacher based out of New Delhi. She trained for 13 years professionally under the guidance of her Guru Smt. Monisa Nayak and has had shows and workshops across the country,

Annu’s current initiative, ‘Anubhuti’ aims to use Kathak as a medium to instil essential life skills such as Self- Confidence, Leadership, Team Work and Creativity.


Oct 11 - 31 2021


2:30 am - 4:00 pm