Ahimsa Film Festival

Ahimsa has been one of the central values of many indigenous societies across the world, especially the dharmic civilization of the larger Indian subcontinent for many millennia. But, what does it really mean? How is it practiced in everyday life beyond being just a lofty ideal?
There has been a significant diversity in how these have been understood and these differences continue to churn our body politic even to this day.

Given the nature of the times we live in, it becomes important that each of us honestly contemplates on what Ahimsa means to us and to what extent we are able to embody it in our lives. Unless a significant section of the human population discovers a more sensitive way to walk on this earth, we might be facing untold catastrophe within a few decades.

We at Buddha Pada invite you to the Ahimsa Film Festival, where through films from various parts of the world, we hope to create self-reflective dialogic space on what Ahimsa could mean to us.

Ahimsa Film Festival: Oct 19th-20th

Timings (on both days): 
2:00 – 4:00 pm (Film 1 + discussion) 
4:30 – 7:00 pm (Film 2 + discussion)

Day 1 Films – Tangerines & Selma
Day 2 Films – Singing Revolution + Invictus 

Curated by Naveen Vasudevan
Naveen is a student of Yoga; co-founder of Ritambhara and the founder of pūrnam. He will be leading a workshop on ‘Mahabharata Within’ at Buddha Pada from October 21 – 25.


Oct 19 - 20 2022