The Way of Haiku: Workshop with Suhit Sheyrab

                                           unnamed bug’s
                                              entire world —
                                                a mango

                                                 — S. S

A Haiku Appreciation Workshop through Contemplation, Reading, and Writing

From Japanese origins to its migration around the world, the poetic form known as haiku has proved as remarkably capacious as it is compact. It is as able as arguably other forms of poetry in expressing the myriad colours and shades of the flux of life. The haiku has been the paintbrush of the Zen artist, a sensitive prism to nature, an expression of postcolonial identity, an instrument to sing of absurdity, and a receptacle to transform insights about mental health–among other things. The haiku, as it always was, continues to be open to pair with visual art, whether paintings, photographs or digital art.

This workshop will sample, broadly, haiku from its origins to today, across various regions, and will look at its varying forms to pique a deeper appreciation of it, whether as an advanced reader or a writer.

| Suitable for Beginners | By Donation | Food & Accommodation as per actuals |
The workshop will start on the evening of February 9 and end on the evening of February 13, 2023

About the Facilitator:
Suhit Sheyrab is a poet and writer, who writes haiku and other forms of poetry. His second chapbook titled ‘Mumbai Monochrome’ (bylined as Suhit Kelkar) combines his haiku with his photos.


Feb 09 2023 - Oct 13 2023


All Day